When women are finally ready to put on their Big Girl Business Panties and protect their business ASSets, there is only one woman in the world they can call. And her name is ReeJade Richmond.  

An acclaimed business and legal strategist, ReeJade is empowering women to embrace their true power bossness, turning their businesses into empires. By taking the complexity out of the legal side of business, with ReeJade, clients soon realize that the epic ideas and extraordinary skills in their heads and hands today will be worth multi millions in their bank accounts tomorrow. From rock-solid business structures to impenetrable contracts, she shows them how to get legal, legit and profitable.  

A first-generation college graduate, ReeJade finished law school determined to live the fairytale that every up-and-coming attorney dreams of. Seven-figure salary. Partnership. Prestige. Landing a position with one of the top intellectual property firms in the Detroit Metro area, she  quickly earned her superstar spot, working on coveted accounts such as the U.S. Postal Stamp that preserved Rosa Parks’s legacy, intellectual property and estate matters for Aretha Franklin and the continued preservation of Malcolm X’s and Alex Haley’s heirs’ legacy. Yet the constant pressure to overbill hours and talk over clients’ heads left her feeling like she belonged somewhere else. But the riskiness and uncertainty of entrepreneurship was never in the cards for her—or so she thought.

Since women now look to ReeJade to birth their Business Babies, it was destiny that the birth of her daughter was the push to do the work she does today. After a complicated labor left her 1.3 lb. baby in the NICU and ReeJade fighting to rebuild her failing kidneys, she found herself with no money and no concrete plan for the first time in her life. Bankrupt, she risked it all to have it all, putting everything she had on the line to build her first six-figure company. Not even dialysis or her family’s doubt could douse the fire of her dreams. In fact, it only ignited it. Along the way, she realized that the legal lane was still where she belonged, but this time, it was all about helping women build something big. To understand all of the words above the dotted line and the value of the assets that could make or break their bottom line. To believe in their business dreams until they happen.

Welcome to ReeJade’s world of Big Girl Panties business building for women.  

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